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Warehouseliquidations.com is one of the largest dealers of wholesale liquidation, overstock, return and surplus apparel in the midwest. In the past we have only sold our liquidation lots to large salvage companies. We have now opened our warehouse to the small and medium markets.

Have you ever purchased lots of liquidation apparel and accessories and received 80% accessories? Or a mixed lot of overstock, shelf pulls and returns and only received a few overstock and shelf pull items, the rest customer returns? Or an apparel lot advertising all the top name brands, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Polo, Kenneth Cole, Jones New York, Liz Claiborne, Nautica, Calvin Klein, Alf... and only received one or two of those brands and the rest of the items being cheaper private labels? At Warehouseliquidations.com we don't use these tactics to sell our products.

We buy directly from manufacturers, department stores and other retailers - not the middle man! This allows Warehouse Liquidations to buy and sell merchandise for pennies on the wholesale dollar.

Below wholesale prices on Closeouts and Liquidations Lots and pallets of Major Department Store items, plus surplus and excess inventory liquidations. Since 1984, we have been supplying liquidation and closeout merchandise to a variety of vendors such as Exporters, Retailers, Outlet Stores, Flea Market Vendors, Online Retailers, Ebay, Distributors and Brokers at below wholesale value.

Merchandise available for our partners originate from Major department Stores, Catalogue Companies, Manufacturers, and from time to time we offer Bankruptcy deals. Inventories available to you range from Wholesales Men's Apparel, Wholesale Mixed Clothing, Wholesale Women's Apparel , Wholesale Children's Clothing, Wholesale Footwear & Shoes , Wholesale Domestics, Wholesale Electronics, Wholesale Toys, Wholesales Furniture, HBA's, Wholesale Brand Name Merchandise, Wholesale Sporting Goods, Wholesale Brand Name Fashion Accessories, just to name a few, being either Closeouts, Liquidation Merchandise, Overstock, Salvage , Surplus Merchandise, Below Wholesale Products, and Customer Returns in the United States.

We are dedicated to our valued customers and pride ourselves with over 28 years vendor of relationships thus offering you savings and discounts at the point of sale. Our experienced staff will help guide you through this process of buying Excess, Closeout merchandise and Store Returns inventories for both export and domestic market.

Our Liquidation Merchandise is offered by the lots, pallets, trailers and container loads. Call us and we will gladly work with your needs and send you availabilities and quotations for your review of our available close-outs. Our prices and service will not be beat!